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Una o'Sullivan Your Perfect Finish

Thanks for finding out a bit more about us.

Believe it or not but we didn't start off making wedding cake toppers.

I'm Una a self-confessed cake-a-holic. I'm not a professional baker, but I would give myself a Michelin star for tasting all types of cake. It's my firm belief that covering anything in frosting makes it better.

Patrick does all your designing. When you place an order be it a standard designed cake topper or a bespoke cake topper, Patrick is the one behind the scenes making the perfect cake topper for you.

Patrick Your Perfect Finish


Because of Patrick's design background we specialize in bespoke/custom designs. So let your imagination run wild and let us take care of your cake topper for you.

No matter what the style or the theme of your celebration, the cake cutting ceremony remains one of the most anticipated parts of your reception. After all, what's not to love about eating cake.