The Ultimate Guide for Choosing your Perfect Wedding Cake

November 19, 2018

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing your Perfect Wedding Cake

“When love and imagination come together expect a masterpiece”


Choosing your wedding cake

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No matter what the style or theme of your wedding, the cake cutting ceremony still remains one of the most anticipated parts of your reception.  After all, whats is not to love about eating cake!

Did you know that cutting your wedding cake (or breaking bread in old days) is seen as your first official act as husband and wife? So let’s make it a photo opportunity to be proud of.


Where to start 

Type wedding cake into a Pinterest search and you’ll see that you're spoilt for choice. Professional cake decorators can make almost anything nowadays, the sky’s the limit, but let’s face it that’s not going to help you decide on your cake. 

Budget, Budget, Budget. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to think about costings? If you have a professional cake decorator in your wedding party or a Great Aunt Aggie who is gifted at making cakes – GREAT! but for the rest of us ….budget.

Some points to consider


  • Are you serving your cake as desert?
  • Do you want to give your guests a slice to take home
  • How many guests at your reception
  • Do you want an unusual shape or your cake covered in handcrafted flowers or fondant lace to match your wedding dress


Basically the bigger and more intricate your cake the more $$$ to add.


Size matters 

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The size of your wedding cake depends on the number of guests you have – or does it???

If you are planning an intimate wedding with a limited amount of guests but you have always dreamed of a five-tier wedding cake. I have the perfect solution for you.

Dummy tiers.

These are polystyrene blocks shaped to look like cake. Once iced and decorated it’s impossible to tell them apart from a real cake. Have one tier that is made of real cake for you and your beloved to cut into and serve. Just make sure you don’t tell anyone and the other dummy tiers of cake will make your photos look fabulous.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a single tier cake either. Indeed if you want to stand out from the crowd a single tier may well be the way to go.


Tantalizingly tasty 

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Everyone loves cake because it just tastes so darn good. 

All professional cake decorators will give you an opportunity to taste the flavours they make.

If you want to keep with tradition and save the top your first anniversary or your child’s christening then its best to make that tier a fruitcake.

Have guests that have dietary requirements? Gluten-free or vegan guests have a tier made to suit them. If you are having a single tier cake ask for a mini cake fitting your guest dietary requirements to be made. Leave it behind the scenes with the caterers to serve. That way no-one is left out.


Topping it off 

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Putting a wedding cake topper on your cake is a wonderful opportunity to really personalize it.

From wedding couples to quirky quotes, your names or your wedding date, the cake topper is a chance for you to really make the cake all about you. This is your wedding day so let’s top that cake off in a style befitting of you.

At we pride ourselves in making cake toppers that let your personality shine through.


Table Manners 

OK! so you’ve set your budget. You know how many tiers and what flavours you want. The decorations have been finalized and your cake topper picked. Delivery has been organised and a deposit paid.

You're done right, – Wrong!

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Don’t forget the setting your cake will be in. A beautiful wedding cake placed on a bare table won't flatter you or the cake.

Decorate your table with rose petals or you bouquet and some champagne glasses. Maybe your wedding invitation and a photo of your parents on their wedding day should set the scene.

Make sure your knife and server look the part as well. If needed tie some ribbon matching your theme colour around your cake knife.


Remember this is a big photo opportunity and a little planning goes a long way.


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“Marriage is when you get to keep your girl and don’t have to give her back to her parents.”

Eric – aged 6

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