Should I Choose a Wedding Cake or Cupcakes?

January 21, 2019

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Wedding cakes have been around for centuries, with origins of this tradition dating back to Ancient Rome when guests would break a wheat cake over the newlywed couple’s heads to wish them good luck. Since then, the tradition has spread to countless other regions, including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia. But some couples have a taken a different approach by serving cupcakes at their wedding instead of a cake. So, should you choose a wedding cake or cupcakes?

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One of the perks of serving cupcakes at your wedding instead of a cake is that you can offer a variety of flavours to your guests. With a cake, you are typically restricted to a single flavour. Of course, some of your guests may not like the flavour that you and your partner choose. A solution is to serve cupcakes in a variety of flavours, giving guests the freedom to choose their preferred flavour.


The Cost

You can expect to less for wedding cupcakes than you would for a wedding cake. Statistics show that couples spend an average of €582 on their wedding cake. In comparison, cupcakes cost about €2 to €3 each.

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Take Home

After your reception is over, you may want to give guests some of your leftover cake or cupcakes so that you aren’t forced to throw it away. Of those two, however, it’s easier to hand out leftover cupcakes. You won’t have to slice and wrap individual cake pieces. Just tell your guests that they can grab a cupcake as they leave the wedding venue.



Some couples assume that decorative toppers are only available for cakes, but this isn’t true. While there are plenty of wedding cake toppers from which to choose, there are also cupcake toppers. You can use these toppers to decorate and customise the appearance of your wedding cupcakes just like a regular wedding cake.

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Other Reasons to Consider Cupcakes

In addition to the benefits already listed, there are other reasons to consider serving cupcakes at your wedding instead of a cake. A benefit that couples often overlook is that cupcakes don’t require utensils. If you serve a cake, you’ll need to provide guests with forks. Cupcakes are considered “finger foods,” however, so this isn’t necessary when serving them. Cupcakes are also fun to eat, with children and adults alike enjoying this sweet treat.

A wedding cake is still a firm favourite among couples getting married and the all important "cutting the cake" photo just doesn't have the same impact with cupcakes, but don’t discount the idea of serving cupcakes at your wedding just because it’s a relatively new tradition.

If like me you struggle with choosing, why not have both!

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