How to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding

January 28, 2019

How to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding

A typical wedding, including the ceremony and reception, lasts about four to six hours. While adult guests will likely keep themselves busy conversing amongst themselves and partaking in the free food and beverages, younger guests often get bored. This doesn’t mean that you should enact a strict “no kids allowed” policy at your wedding. Rather, plan some activities and games to keep them entertained.

Offer Coloring Books With Crayons and Colored Pencils

All kids – and even many adults for that matter – love to color, making this an effective way to keep them entertained at your wedding. You can create a coloring goodie bag for kids, including items such as colored pencils, crayons and coloring books. And you can even use disposable paper tablecloths on kids’ tables so that they draw and color on them as well.


Hire an Entertainer

There are professional entertainers whom you can hire for your wedding. A magician, for example, can perform awe-inspiring tricks that are guaranteed to capture kids’ attention. If you’re expecting a lot of younger children to attend your wedding, you can hire a clown instead.

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Assuming there’s enough open space at your wedding venue, you can set up a scavenger hunt to keep kids entertained. This involves hiding a half-dozen or so clues around the venue, each of which provides hints on the location of the next clue. It’s a fun game that encourages kids to think and work together. Just remember to provide some type of reward for completing the scavenger hunt, such as cupcakes with cute toppers.

boy on a treasure hunt, treasure map

Set Up Beanbag Toss

Beanbag toss, also known as cornhole, is a game that kids of all ages can enjoy. Just place the raised platform on a clear area somewhere around the wedding venue so that kids can take turns trying to toss beanbags into the scoring holes. Keep in mind, though, that adult guests will probably flock to this game as well, so you may want to set up two beanbag tossing stations instead of just one.

Offer Bubbles

Bubbles are inexpensive, kid-friendly favor to consider handing out at your wedding. Loved by every age group from toddlers to grandads, everyone love chasing and blowing bubbles and if some float into your wedding photos...bonus! Even before you and your spouse head off into the sunset, kids can blow bubbles to entertain themselves.

girl blowing bubbles

Get a Photo Booth

Kids love taking goofy photos, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that a photo booth will keep them entertained at your wedding. Some wedding venues have photo booths on site. In most cases, however, you’ll have to rent one. But renting a photo booth may prove well worth the investment, as it offers new photo opportunities while keeping kids entertained in the process.

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