8 Wedding Cake Topper Trends to Watch in 2019

March 11, 2019

8 Wedding Cake Topper Trends to Watch in 2019

The tradition of eating cake at weddings has been around for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the mid-20th century when toppers were used to decorate wedding cakes. Since then, toppers have become synonymous with wedding cakes. They allow couples to further customize the appearance of their wedding cake to create a picture-perfect confectionary treat for their big day. So, what kind of wedding cake toppers can you expect to see more of in 2019?

#1) Couples

wedding cake topper, couple cake topper

If you’ve ever shopped for wedding cake toppers, you’ve probably seen this style. They are designed with figurines that resemble the bride and groom. Some follow a serious approach in which the bride and groom are holding hands or embracing each other, whereas others use a comical approach by depicting the bride dragging the groom behind her.

#2) Phrases

Wedding cake toppers featuring phrases have also become a popular trend. Rather than featuring figures of the bride and groom, they feature a memorable or otherwise relevant phrase. It’s a fun alternative to couple toppers that’s expected to gain momentum in 2019.

Here are some of the phrases commonly used in wedding cake toppers:

  • Best Day Ever
  • Match Made in Heaven
  • Love 
  • We Do
  • To the Moon and Back
  • You are my Greatest Adventure
  • I Choose You

While some phrase toppers are sold in pre-made phrases, others are fully customizable. The latter means that couples can choose the phrase depicted on their wedding cake topper.

#3) Dated

dated wedding cake topper

Some wedding cake toppers are designed with a customizable date, which typically reflects the date of the couple’s wedding.  Known as a dated wedding cake topper, it shows the day, month and year of the couple’s wedding. As a result, it’s a keepsake that couples will cherish long after their ceremony is over. When in doubt, a dated wedding cake topper is a safe choice that will likely remain popular throughout 2019 and beyond.


#4) Animals

A relatively new style of wedding cake toppers is animals. You’ll find animal wedding cake wedding toppers featuring figurines of bears, horses, giraffes, dolphins, hedgehogs, koalas, penguins and more. They allow couples to express their mutual love of animals through a decorative cake topper.

Furthermore, animals are often significant to a couple’s relationship. If a bride and groom met at an equestrian event, for example, they may want to use an animal topper featuring horses. If the couple met at a dog training class, on the other hand, an animal topper featuring dogs would be a smart choice.

#5) Surname

surname cake topper

Marriage represents the union of two individuals, with the bride typically taking the name of her new husband. Because of this, surname wedding cake toppers have become popular. Surname toppers feature a similar design as phrase toppers. The difference, however, is that surname toppers depict the couple’s surname rather than quotes or phrases. High-quality surname toppers are designed with elegant calligraphy made of food-safe materials to provide a meaningful addition to a couple’s wedding cake.

#6) Infinity

A new style of wedding cake toppers is infinity. Featuring the symbol of its namesake, infinity toppers are both attractive and meaningful. They depict a figure-eight infinity symbol in which two circles are endlessly joined.

Infinity wedding cake toppers are said to represent the endless love couples have for each other. Like the infinity symbol, marriage is everlasting. It’s the everlasting and loving principles on which marriage is based that makes infinity toppers a relevant choice.

#7) Celtic

Celtic love wedding cake topper, irish cake topper, irish wedding cake topper

2019 is the year of the Celtic wedding cake topper. Featuring fonts, symbols, graphics and designs associated with the Celtic culture, they offer a unique style that’s not found in modern toppers.

Lord of the Ring fans and Game of Throne fans often use Celtic designs as a theme of their wedding to tie in with the show.

Some couples may choose a Celtic wedding cake topper to symbolize their ethnic background. If the couple have Irish ancestors, for example, a Celtic wedding cake topper is a meaningful choice that represents their origins. Additionally, some couples may choose a Celtic wedding cake topper to represent their wedding day. If a couple is getting married on Saint Patrick’s Day, a Celtic topper can symbolize the Irish roots of this now-globally celebrated holiday in March.

#8) Hearts

This isn’t a new trend, but it’s still worth noting that wedding cake toppers featuring hearts are a popular choice among couples. The most common style of heart topper depicts two hearts that are joined together by the side. With that said, others may feature three or more hearts arranged in a variety of ways.

Some heart toppers feature other elements to create a more unique and decorative appearance. It’s not uncommon for heart toppers to feature figures of the bride or groom, for example, while some feature artificial flowers or floral designs.

These are just a few wedding cake trends for 2019 but you may have something more personal in mind.

If you would like a cake topper designed just for you contact us here at yourperfectfinish.com and we will be delighted to design a bespoke wedding cake topper just for you.

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