5 Luxury Honeymoon Destinations to Kick-off a Great Marriage

November 05, 2018

5 Luxury Honeymoon Destinations to Kick-off a Great Marriage

5 Luxury Honeymoon Destinations to Kick-off a Great Marriage

When two people say 'I do', it is the happiest, most significant moment of their lives. So, how do you top that one moment? Of course, you go on honeymoon to a dream destination.

Luxury honeymoons may not top that moment of joy when your vows have been said, but they come pretty close.

With so much choice in luxury honeymoons these days, where is the best destination for you to pick?

Here are 5 luxury honeymoon destinations just perfect for your honeymoon.

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Sonoma, California, USA

Located in the famed Sonoma County, the city of Sonoma is a beautifully historic honeymoon hot-spot. Sonoma is well-known for its world-class wine production, but the city has so much more to offer visitors.

The city will provide you as newlyweds with plenty of cozy atmosphere and gorgeous scenery. Sonoma has miles of rolling hills with fantastic green vineyards giving way to expansive mountain views.

It is California's natural beauty and the local hospitality that will make this luxury honeymoon destination city worth every penny.

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Venice, Italy

What could be more romantic than riding on a gondola through the canals of Venice? Perhaps, drinking red wine and eating bowlfuls of gourmet pasta.

Venice is one of the Europe’s most romantic luxury honeymoon destinations. There are plenty of reasons it remains one of the premier places for honeymoons.

The history in Venice is everywhere and if you’re not too busy staring into each others’ eyes you can see it all around you as you walk the streets or sail down the city's canals. For more romance, visitors can meander through the beautiful Basilica di San Marco or wander the palazzos. Romantic dinners at street-side cafes, pizzerias and up-scale restaurants are within arms' length for newlyweds on a luxury honeymoon destination to Venice.

If you are looking for a Hollywood star experience the Aman Canal Grand hotel, let’s face it, if it was good enough for George Clooney and his beautiful wife Amal, I’m sure you’ll like it as too.

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Hawaii (The Big Island), USA

Hawaii's Oahu, Kauai and Maui are the most well-known of the state's smaller islands. Often, Hawaii' Big Island is overlooked by visitors as the others get all the attention.

The Big Island has everything to make a luxury honeymoon destination fantastic. With black-sand beaches and snow-covered peaks, the island has gorgeous natural scenery for honeymooners. The island also has an active volcano, something few luxury honeymoon destinations can boast.

You can choose from a variety of beach resorts on the island. Days are spent relaxing on sun soaked sand or diving with dolphins in the crystal clear water, while nights are full of romantic dinners for two. Newlyweds can also get in some fantastic shopping on The Big Island and let’s face it, there is always time for shopping!


Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is the ultimate luxury honeymoon dream. The waters are so clear they have to be seen to be believed. The natural beauty of the island is unlike any other place on earth.

Nature’s backdrop to a luxury honeymoon in Bora Bora make it one of the premier destinations in the world. If you are traveling to the island you can stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Bora Bora. The elegant hotel is located on a coral reef that rests in a romantic lagoon. It’s really worth checking out

You can tour the island when you are not relaxing on the beach or swimming in the crystal-clear water. Most of all, you can chill out and relax after all your wedding madness knowing you are in one of the most beautiful spots in the world with the person you love most in the world.

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Savannah, Georgia, USA

Savannah was recently voted as one of the top romantic honeymoon destinations by TheKnot.com. While it may seem like a surprising choice, as newlyweds you will find a city full of luxury honeymoon offerings.

With a typical slow southern way of doing things, Savannah is a laidback city full of weeping willow trees and beautiful historic buildings. The city's southern charm provides you with loads of hospitality during your magical trip.

Honeymooners can travel around the historic city center on horse drawn carriage before sitting down at extravagant southern restaurants. Visitors can find The Mansion, an elegant hotel full of great art, classic furnishings and com.

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A luxury honeymoon is a great way to enjoy the first few days of being married to your soulmate. These 5 honeymoon destinations are perfect if you are looking for a place for romance, adventure and memories.


Most of all smile, have fun and keep calm, your perfect wedding is about to happen.

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