3 Pro's and Con's of Destination Wedding

January 14, 2019

3 Pro's and Con's of Destination Wedding

The cookie-cutter format of traditional weddings is changing. No longer are couples forced to get married at a local Church, complete with a ceremony and stand hotel reception. Many are now choosing to get married away from their hometown in a tropical setting. Known as a destination wedding, it offers several advantages and disadvantages of which you should be aware of you’re looking to tie the knot.

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Pro: You’re Already at Your Honeymoon

With a destination wedding, you and your partner won’t have to travel far for the honeymoon. Destination weddings are typically held at a venue around the couple’s honeymoon destination. After exchanging “I dos,” you can change into some more comfortable clothes to kick back and relax by the pool, on the beach or wherever else you choose.

Con: You Can’t Easily Scout and Survey Prospective Venues

A disadvantage of having a destination wedding is that you can’t easily scout and survey prospective venues. You can search for photos and information about prospective venues online, but you won’t be able to visit them in person.

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Pro: Costs Less Than a Traditional Wedding

You’ll probably spend less on a destination wedding than you would with a traditional wedding. According to some statistics, destination weddings cost an average of 10% to 30% less than traditional weddings, allowing you and your spouse to save money.

Con: Some Guests May Not Be Able to Attend

Another disadvantage of having a destination wedding is that some guests may not be able to attend. If you’re getting married hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your hometown, friends, family members or other people whom you invite to your wedding may struggle to attend.

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Pro: Better Wedding Photos

Destination weddings typically yield better photos than traditional weddings because they are held in scenic environments, such as a beach or resort. A professional photographer can take advantage of this beautiful landscape to create priceless photos from your destination wedding.

Con: More Difficult to Get a Marriage License

Finally, you may have to jump through some extra hoops to get your marriage license if you have a destination wedding. If you live in the United States and want to get married in a different state, for example, you’ll have to get your marriage license in the state where you got married. Different states have their own requirements for marriage licenses. And if you aren’t familiar with the requirements, the state could reject your application, forcing you to spend more time and energy trying to resolve the problem.

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